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Picture Framing

Add a personal touch to your walls

Photo decoration and frames

Would you like to decorate your home with pictures that are meaningful to you? We offer you high-quality printing of your most beautiful memories and best photos. For example, frame a family photo on the wall near your front door or in the living room to make your home more welcoming.

It's easy to do! You can even place your framing order online.

Frames and large format photos

We offer several printing options, here are a few of them. Consider the role and location of your frames, canvases and posters.

  • Printing on aluminum: Try this glossy finish with scratch-resistant properties. Perfect for photos in your staircase, hallway, or entrance.
  • Canvas printing: Play with textures to embellish an accent wall. A real asset to create contrasts that will give warmth and life to your rooms.
  • Photo framing: Create framed photo galleries by mixing styles and formats. For example, select your best family shots and group them by period or theme.
  • Lamination: Highlight a key piece of your photo collection. You can mount it over the sofa, your bed or on the back wall of your dining room.
  • Printing on acrylic: Opt for a modern finish, under Plexiglas, to keep your portraits and photographic panoramas in good condition. This is an excellent choice that’s just as resistant as a traditional frame.